What you need to know to drive in other country:

5 Recommendations if you drive a vehicle in your vacations

1. Mandatory:The driver must have a valid driver's license. (...)
Travel tips
For all those who love to travel, explore, experience and discover new places and horizons, we offer some tips to make that road trip pleasant and enjoyable. 1. Prepare It is recommended to make a to do list of everything you will need for the trip and arrange for pending commitments. Leaving a friend or family member in charge of those task at home like feeding the pets and paying the bills, is important to leave everything under control during your absence. (...)

Ten tips to rent a car
1. Get the best rates when booking the car in advance, especially during holliday seasons. Travelers can make a reservation online and choose a better car and ensure availability.
2. If you rent with ACO Rent A Car, making the reservation directly from our website you will always get the cheapest rate than if make it from other booking channels. (...)

Fun Free Things to Do in Miami: Beaches
Miami’s main attraction is its ideal weather, which is always free.
With December through March temps in the high 70s, it's easy to enjoy the great outdoors at its fullest while the rest of the U.S. is donning jackets and darting indoors. (...)

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