Our phillosophy is that every customer who rents a car with ACO must leave eager to rent a car again with us. We understand that the success of your leisure or business trip depends on renting a vehicle in excellent condition and receiving super road service assistance. For these reasons we buy the best quality and most reliable vehicles in the market.

We are also proud to tell you that our loss damage waiver is the best in the market. When you rent a car with us, you know exactly how much you will pay. You will not have surprises or any fine print. You will enjoy your car rental experience to the fullest. 

We guarantee it.

Lucio Covone
Executive President


For over 40 years, we at ACO Rent a Car reaffirm our leadership and presence in the Venezuelan market through our strategic procedures that guide our conduct, and impose accountability and commitment to higher standards of performance which exceed our customers’ expectations.


To be a leading company with a worldwide brand known for its sharp edge technology and for the high quality of its services.


We are an international car rental company, with the goal of satisfying the expectations of our clients with competent and motivated team members. We are committed towards continuous improvement of our quality management. In a safe and stable working environment, stimulating innovation, using latest technology, creating value and wellbeing for our employees, share holders and our communities.


At ACO Rent a Car in order to satisfy our costumer´s expectations we must:

  • Obtain the best vehicles.
  • Maintain our vehicles in the finest appearance and optimal working condition.
  • Deliver clean and fully equipped vehicles.
  • Provide cordial attention with accurate and timely information during the entire rental experience.
  • Offer timely assistance.
  • Maintain commitment with the continuous effectiveness of the quality management system.
  • Instruct, motivate and commit our team to maintain proficiency.
  • Honor our commitments.
  • Fulfill our legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Obtain and maintain a strong technological platform.
  • Maintain reliable and timely administrative processes.
  • Maintain and improve our brand name presence in the national and international market.
  • Maintain profitable operations.



  • The quality of our work is vital for our organization. We focus on being the best in our positions.
  • We communicate sincerely, directly and cordially, to solve any problems as soon as possible.
  • We request and provide precise, trustworthy and timely information. It is wiser to say “I don’t know”, instead of making up answers.
  • We use the right words and eliminate the use of colloquial or generic language.


  • We recognize the relevance of punctuality in our work. We deliver on time the requirements of our internal and external clients.
  • We comply with the policies and procedures established for our work positions.
  • We understand that our presence in our workplace is essential to reach the organization´s goals.
  • We continuously innovate to be the best in our business.
  • We make sure our flaws will be corrected as soon as possible and all necessary steps are taken to avoid recurrence.
  • We do not employ third parties to do what we must do.


  • We always find a way to accomplish our goals. Excuses are useless.
  • We have a sense of urgency in all that we do.
  • We develop skills to be successful in an uneven market.
  • We innovate our products, services and procedures to obtain the best results.
  • We put in practice good ideas no matter where they come from and we focus on enhancing them.


  • We speak the truth.
  • We use our working hours to perform our work tasks, making the best use of our resources and avoid being wasteful.
  • We honor the organization´s commitments.


  • We offer our customers excellent and fair service.
  • We value other people´s time.
  • We do not interrupt our coworkers with issues that are not work related.
  • We reject hypocrisy and gossip. We promote trustful relationships.
  • We avoid negative criticism.
  • We always say “Thank you”.


  • We are consistent in what we say, what we do and what we put in writing.
  • We make effective decisions based on information analysis.

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